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Effective Date

26th May 2012
This area of the website details information on how the Demons From The Deep website & forums involve and manage cookies that are stored on your computer. We are committed to user privacy and will never collect any personal information from you without seeking your consent.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files (often encrypted) stored in the browser directories. They are used for a number of different purposes but mainly to bring users visiting a website the best experience possible. They can be used by web developers to help users navigate through their websites efficiently so disabling them can ofen hinder your viewing experience of a website.

More information about cookies can be found at www.allaboutcookies.org.

How does the Demons From The Deep 'website' use cookies?

  • We do not collect any personal identifiable information from any user of this website.
  • We do use a third party service (which uses a cookie) to track user hits to the website including various other types of statistics such as your IP Address, the web browser you are using, your operating system and screen resolution as it helps to ensure this website works efficiently and correctly on multiple web browsers and platforms.
  • The information we do gather from you as mentioned in the previous point is only used to monitor the use of this website and is not used for any other reason.

How does the Demons From The Deep 'forums' use cookies?

  • Our forums are provided by a third party which is subject to their own specific Privacy Policy.
  • Cookies are used on our forums to allow you to login and the ad providers may use cookies to rotate banners. However, advertisements are usually (not at all times) only available to guests with members not having to view them.
  • As with our main website, the same statistics are gathered from our forums which are used for nothing more than monitoring the use of our forums and the information is not personal or identifiable.

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