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Clan Events

We at DFTD organise many different sorts of events and have around 4/5 events a week which our members can come along to. If you have a hobby ingame or favour a particular activity over others, we will have an event for that! If in the unlikely event that we don't, then we have an Events Suggestions forum where members can post suggestions for new types of events. If a DFTD Member is celebrating a Level 99 then we try and make an event out of that too! Just another excuse to get together and have some fun!

Our weekly Calendar is always kept fresh and up to date thanks to our Events Managers. We do have event attendance requirements but they aren't too demanding. More information about that can be found in our Rules section of the website.

Have a glance below at some of the many events that we do at Demons From The Deep!

Pest Control

When: Every other Thursday

We have Pest Control events which take place every other week and that takes place with our sister clan, DreamTeam. It's great fun to share an event with another Clan and this event has always been popular.

We generally use the Intermediate Boat so that everyone can take part, even if we have members that are below level 100.

Stealing Creation (Non-Combat)

When: Every other Thursday

We have Stealing Creation evente which alternates with our Pest Control event every other week and again takes place with our sister clan, DreamTeam. We only have non-combat Stealing Creation events but this event is a blast, there is a job for everyone and great tools for rewards at the end. The tools can be used to get double xp in the skill that the tool is used for.

We recommend wielding a bow with no arrows to prevent accidental attacks.

Citadel Resource Gathering

When: Every Sunday

As we encourage all DFTD members to contribute to the resource gathering in the Citadel for new builds and upkeep, we have a specified event where members can gain attendance for turning up to this event to gather their share, whatever the resource might be.

Members are free to collect their resources at anytime through the week but having this event allows us to have a chat while gathering resources instead of doing it on our own.

Ape Atoll Agility Training

When: Occasionally through the Month

This is our Agility Training clan event which members can take advantage of and train some agility while having some fun and a good chat with other Clan Members. We have this event taking place at the Agility Course on Ape Atoll Island which is great for training agility.

Level 70 Agility is required for this course but we find many of our members have this level already.


When: Occasionally through the Month

Barrows has always been a popular event among the DFTD Members. Do you like free money? Barrows gives you the chance to try and get hold of some barrows armour and/or weapons, so join in and show the brothers that you're not afraid!

This minigame is dangerous so beware!

Clan Fishing

When: Occasionally through the Month

Clan Fishing is a nice a relaxing event where all of the members can chill out and catch a few fish. We either have this event at Catherby Beach or in Piscatoris depending on who's online at event time and which location everyone would prefer/is qualified to access.

If we're at Catherby, don't forget the sun-cream and a deckchair!


When: Occasionally through the Month

Want to explore some dungeons with fellow clan members? Our Dungeoneering event allows us to split into appropriate teams and complete some dungeons and earn some good XP along the way!

It doesn't even matter what level you are as there are already members with a range of different levels!

Boss Events

When: Every Friday

Even though we're primarily a Skilling Clan, many members do also enjoy a good old boss event too so we try to mix it up a bit. Every Friday we try and organise a boss event whichever boss that may be.

The boss events are dangerous so be aware! We do however look after one another and will bless graves.

Note: Some images used on this page are taken from the RuneScape Wikia website.