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Rules of the Clan

Effective Date

4th January 2012
We expect a reasonable amount of activity within the Clan and the activity requirements are set out below. If for any reason you are going to be absent for a short period of time and cannot meet the requirements set out below, please post in the Absence & Resignations forum to let us know. We can then take that into consideration when performing activity checks.

1) Appropriate Conduct

We expect all members to act appropriately and respectfully within the Clan at all times. Behvaiour that is offensive or otherwise inappropriate is prohibited.

2) Following the Rules of RuneScape

We expect all members to follow the RuneScape Rules and encouraging or promoting rule breaking is prohibited.

3) Event Attendance

We expect all members to attend a minimum of 3 events per month to ensure that events have a good turn-out.

4) Clan Citadel Resource Collection

We expect all members to collect their share of the resources at the Citadel each week which consists of meeting the resource limit which is set each week by the Citadel Captains.

5) Forum Activity

We expect all members to participate in forum discussions and to make a minimum of 1 post per week.

6) Multi-Claning

We do not permit members to be in another clan that is the same or similar to DFTD, while being in DFTD. Any members found to be multi-claning may will be removed. Area or Activity Specific Clans such as Pest Control, Soul Wars and PKing are excluded from this rule.

7) Item Lending

We do not expect members to feel obligated to lend items to other members. While in most situations members will lend their items out if they're not using them, if a member does not wish to lend their item then please respect that decision.

8) Begging

While we encourage a friendly and helpful atmosphere within the clan and asking for help is perfectly fine as it's part of what we as a Clan are about, begging on the other hand can be quite annoying so please avoid begging.

9) Blessing other Members' Gravestones

We expect all members to bless the gravestones of other members, should another member fall to their death in a dangerous event for example. Not blessing another members' gravestones (if you're able to) is not acceptable and not within the spirit of the clan or game.

10) Killing/Turning on other Clan Members

We expect all members to support their fellow clan-mates and not in any situation should any member turn on another. This also includes any form of scamming. Special Events such as Citadel Battles are excluded from this rule.

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