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Rules of the Clan Chat

Effective Date

4th January 2012
The Clan Chat Channel in RuneScape is our main real-time chat facility and we want to promote a friendly and inviting atmosphere within it so these rules have been put in place with that in mind. If there are any issues within the Clan Chat (CC) then please take a screenshot and send it to a Leader with an explanation.

1) Appropriate Conduct

We expect all members to be respectful and considerate at all times. We do not expect members to post spam, abusive remarks or make comments that are otherwise inappropriate.

2) Swearing / Inappropriate Discussions

We expect members to keep chat appropriate for all ages. While you can disable the Profanity Filter in the game, we still do not permit swearing, or any other sort of inappropriate discussions.

3) Unrelated Chat during Events

During event times, the CC may well be used as the main method of communication between members so certainly if you're not at the event taking place, please keep unrelated chat to a minimum to prevent such chat disrupting chat related to the event.

4) Entering the CC on another account

If you come into the CC on another account (such as a pure account), please be sure to let those who are in the CC know who you are.

5) This is your Clan Chat Channel

Remember, this is your Chat Channel and your behaviour in it affects others!

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