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Rules of the Forums

Effective Date

4th January 2012
The Clan Forums are the main hub for the Clan and with members of many ages and nationalities, we need to ensure that the content on the forums is appropriate for all so these rules have been put in place with that in mind. Any inappropriate content on our forums will be removed with appropriate action taken.

There's a report button on posts and private messages which can be used to report issues to Clan Leaders.

1) Spam/Offensive/Abusive Posts

We expect all members to respect others and treat others how they wish to be treated. We do not expect members to post spam (excluding the Spam forum), abusive remarks or make posts that are otherwise inappropriate. Posts which stretch the natural dimentions of a page are also deemed inappropriate.

2) Private Messages

We do not expect members to send private messages in an attempt to harass or abuse others. Messages can be reported and abuse of this will result in account restrictions and other appropriate action.

3) Bypassing the Word Filter

We expect all members to respect the word filter and not bypass it in anyway. Any issues with the filter should be brought to a Clan Leader's attention.

4) Discussing/Using Third Party Programs

We do not expect members to use third party software in conjunction with RuneScape that violates Jagex's Terms and Conditions. Using clients that comply with Jagex Guidelines is fine. The discussion of violating third party software is prohibited.

5) Discussion of Rule Breaking

We do not expect members to encourage any kind of rule breaking that takes place either on our website or in RuneScape.

6) Posting website links/URLs on the Forums

We expect all members to not abuse the hyperlinking feature on the forums. Posting links which lead to malicious or inappropriate websites is prohibited.

7) Personal or Confidential Information

We expect all members to not post information on the forums that is either confidential or too personal. Any information which can be used to contact you outside of this Clan and outside of RuneScape should be considered personal. If you wish to share Skype Names, Email Addresses and GamerTags for example, please do so through a private message but you do so at your own risk. Any information posted on the forums which we deem to be too personal will be removed for safety and security reasons.

8) Forum Signatures

We expect all members to have appropriate signatures that do not break any of the clan or forum rules already set out. Signatures should be of a reasonable file size (to prevent the forum pages loading slowly) and should not stretch the natural width of the page it's being displayed on.

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